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Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I've learned from Law Students

1. They are mental basket cases [sorry, but from what I've deduced, it's true]
2. They desire 48 hours to be in a day
3. Final Exams are the devil
4. Working, law students are even more basket cases
5. Working, law student, moms are certifiable, and one step away from a rubber room and a straight jacket
6. Do not talk about your exam answers after the test. This is grounds for an immediate a**kicking
7. Showering is optional
8. If it weren't for blogging, studying would be a much more productive task
9. Everything is a viable distraction from studying, even picking lint from your belly button
10. Law school is a decision regretted until graduation!

I'm now oh so excited, with a large dose of fear!
Thanks everyone, I've learned a lot.

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