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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Question/Poll...Are you Born Gay?

After sharing with my husband an article I read about Gov. Palin supporting a group who desires to change gays into heterosexuals, called the Love Won Out conference, he and I had a heated debate about the prevalence of homosexual culture in today's society and the root of it all. **Now before anyone gets their boxers/panties in a bunch, there was no malice within the conversation- we just debated the topic. We've had this conversation before and know that we both share different views on the subject. **

My husband believes that homosexuality is something that a person chooses for themselves and is a phenomenon that we (as a society) are teaching to be acceptable. Through acceptance and tolerance, our society has sent the message that it is OK to be gay, and you have the right to choose to do so. In his mind homosexuality is unnatural and something that should be urged against. He's not a proponent for discrimination or ill treatment, but he believes that homes should be teaching their children that homosexuality is not right. He does believe that there are a small percentage of individuals that have a biological predisposition to being gay, but that the majority are choosing the lifestyle out of pure curiosity, frustration with the opposite sex, or lust. As a result he is against gay marriage and adoption because he feels it is a lifestyle that is taught and not all practicing homosexuals can be blamed on biological mistakes from GOD.

I, on the other hand, believe that most homosexual people were born being attracted to the same sex and if given the choice would not opt such a difficult road in life . I pointed out that I never pondered whether or not I was straight, it wasn't a choice, I just was, and I believe the same to be true for most homosexuals. And if that is the case, it can't be turned off and you can't be taught not be gay. It also shouldn't be discriminated against and those individuals should have the same rights and privileges as everyone else. I don't believe that being gay is being taught as an alternative lifestyle, I just think our society has acknowledged a part of our culture and made it OK for those who are gay to feel more comfortable. And since I don't think being gay is taught, I don't think that gay couples should be stopped from adopting or having children, and of course I believe they should be able to marry.

So, as a result of this debate I am curious to know what others think. Do you believe as I do that you are born gay? Or do you believe as my husband does, that it's a choice?

You can vote in the poll conducted at the top of the page.
- Thanks for offering you thoughts and helping satisfy my curiosity.

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