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Monday, December 22, 2008

RIP Caylee Anthony

As many of you have heard on Friday(12/19) confirmation was given that the remains found on December 11th were that of little Caylee Anthony. Although many expected this to be the case, it is no less sad to have such a grim and final conclusion to this 6 month search.

I write this as an offer of condolence to little Caylee Marie Anthony.

We may never know what happened to you. We fortunately may never know what terror and fear you must have suffered in the last moments of your life. I am sorry that you will never get to grow into a young woman, get married and maybe have children of your own. I am sorry that your potential was cut so short and someone felt that your life was not worth sparing. I hope that you are now reaping the benefits of heaven. I hope that you can forgive whomever did this to you and rest in peace. Your story has touched the hearts of millions and I think I speak for all of them when I say I hope there is swift justice for you in the near future.

May God bless your soul.

Now to Casey Anthony -

I am not sure what happened, and we may never know, but I hope that you receive a punishment fitting of your behavior. I cannot out right claim you guilty because everyone is afforded the presumption of innocence, but I must say the evidence against you is pretty overwhelming. The lies and lack of urgency to find for your child are criminal enough in my opinion. As a mother, the only explanation for why you would mislead those who were trying to locate your child is because you had something to hide with regards to what you did to her. In your shoes, I would do everything I could to find my child- including helping with the search, which I also find odd that you did not do. If you did something to her, even if it was an accident you acted with complete disregard for your daughter's life. You placed yourself over your child- an action that many mothers find unfathomable. So, I would say to you: You failed your daughter in life, so in death, you should do the honorable thing and admit your wrong doing so Caylee can at least know that her mother cared enough about her to seek forgiveness and allow her to rest in peace.
I hope you get the harshest punishment available- short of death- because I think you should have to live the rest of your life remembering what you did and suffer everyday of it.

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