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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day News Mix

So, here's what I found most interesting in the news over the past week. Some are the usual headlines found everywhere and a few are some fascinating tidbits I found along my news travels.
Here goes!

1. In a plot twist fit for the best of TV dramas, it has been reported that Jesse Jackson, Jr. (JJJ) has been an informant to the US Attorney's Office for at least a decade. Yes, that's right, he has been a snitch for 10 years. WOW! His informant career began when, in 2002, Blago (then running for Gov. of Illinois) tried to solicit $25,000 from JJJ, which he did not end up getting. Around the same time JJJ's wife, Sandi, was pursuing the Director of the States Lotto Commission job, a post she did not get. Blago later told JJJ, "you see what $25,000 would have done?"*Gross* Which prompted JJJ to inform the US Attorney of the attempted shake down.

Blago is just disgusting- aside from his hair that makes me want to bring out the rodent traps- I am thoroughly disgusted by this guys arrogance and complete stupidity. Yes, I am aware that this sort of wheeling and dealing (as despicable as it may be) happens all the time in politics, but it is usually done with at least a hint of indiscretion and humility. This guy is just unbelievable, not only for his past actions which caused his arrest, but his utter refusal to resign *ugh*. Yesterday the impeachment panel convened with no solution met, and Blago made a decision to finally speak to the public about the scandal. He says he is ready to tell his side of the story. While being asked about when he will comment the arrogant a** offered these cocky and flip words, "To quote Elvis, hang loose, Now can I get a run in, do you think?" *Jackass*

2. The Republican party showed glimpses of morality and sanity when a highly influential member and potential candidate in 2012, Newt Gingrich, spoke out about the RNC attacks being lodged at President-Elect Obama with reference to the Blago scandal. Newt Gingrich and other Republican party members are not jiving with the current mode to trash the incoming President with character attacks and ads questioning his honesty and transparency within Blago-gate. Newt Gingrich sent a letter to the chairman of the RNC, where he had these words to say:

"I was saddened to learn that at a time of national trial, when a president-elect is preparing to take office in the midst of the worst financial crisis in over seventy years, that the Republican National Committee is engaged in the sort of negative, attack politics that the voters rejected in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles.
The recent web advertisement, "Questions Remain," is a destructive distraction. Clearly, we should insist that all taped communications regarding the Senate seat should be made public. However, that should be a matter of public policy, not an excuse for political attack."

And the RNC may be listening, offering a response stating their agreement with President Elect Obama that the current vacant seat belongs to the people of Illinois and the only way to end the taint of Blago-gate is to hold a special election. *I'm glad to see they can learn from their mistakes. I mean don't they understand that one of the main reasons they are no longer in power is there consistent use of divisive politics. It's just not needed, especially in our current trying times- I commend you Newt (and I never thought I would EVER say that).

3. Just when I thought that we had reached the bottom of the unscrupulous Wall Street barrel, Bernard Madoff rears his ugly head and gets his dirty laundry aired and is arrested for it. This is another scum bag that makes my skin crawl. I mean this guy should be placed underneath the jail and all his money given to charity.

So, as a result of this man, and the SEC - who admits to not taking the tips they received about this potential fraud 9 YEARS AGO, seriously- several charities and foundations are having to close their doors because their entire endowments have been wiped out due to the basic Ponzi Scheme perpetrated.
An act where initial investors are paid off with money from later investors, until no more money can be raised and the scheme collapses. *Despicable*

Now, about $50 billion has been lost, which constitutes one of the largest frauds committed in history. *Gross* And what is the grossest of the gross, is Mr. Madoff used to serve on a Government Committee established to protect investors by ensuring accurate and full public disclosure of information to them, all while he was cooking the books and defrauding individuals, non-profits and foundations of their money. If I was a proponent for torture, he would be a prime candidate.

4. What Women Want? A question asked by the YWCA, towards young women, especially African-American young women, about what they would like to see from the incoming first lady and the Obama Administration.
In a recap: Generation Y women want a first lady that is an example of current leadership who champions for civil rights, equal pay for women and creates change we can see in our everyday lives.

Some responses offered:
Generation Y women (aged 18-29) are likely to be more demanding of the new
administration than older women. Significantly more young women say that the new
administration must make several domestic issues “top priority” in the first year than older
women, including health care reform (87% v. 76%), quality and cost of education (85% v.
76%), the housing crisis (83% v. 69%) and HIV/AIDS (66% v.45%).

• Women say that lack of jobs and other economic uncertainties are potentially the
greatest barriers to progress for women over the next ten years. Women say the top
barriers to progress for women like them are:
o Lack of retirement savings (70%)
o Major illness or medical expense (68%)
o Lack of jobs or layoffs due to jobs sent overseas (63%)
o Cost of college (60%)
o Lack of affordable and accessible childcare, tied with unequal pay (59%)

• Most American women (57%) want the next First Lady to take a visible leadership role
and champion issues that are important to her. Older women, aged 63 to 70, would
prefer that she stays behind the scenes.

Check out the video on the this topic. Generation Y is thought to be a demanding and changing force for the new administration.

5. Last off, a story about the New York Governor's attempt to punish those who choose to drink non diet or sugar free drinks. The Governor has proposed an 18% tax, named "the obesity tax," be added on to the current sales tax for all non-diet pop (soda) and fruit drinks that contain less than 70% natural fruit juice.

Excluded from the tax would be all diet soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk or bottled water. *which should be taxed for its environmental hazards*

This tax is estimated to raise approximately $400 million in its first year of use and over $500 million the second.

Those for the proposed measure say this type of tax worked for reducing cigarette purchases and is worth trying since soft drinks are associated with obesity. Those against the tax have said that combating obesity requires changes in lifestyle and education, and taxing food doesn't change long term behaviors related to weight gain/loss. Others against it have said that this is just an attempt to grab money from hard working New Yorkers and could hurt pop sales and eventually endanger jobs. Maine is another state participating in such a tax.

This could be a good idea and may work. I know obesity is an important issue
, I mentioned it yesterday- but being slim is not the law. Punishing the public and forcing them to pay extra for regular drinks is a bit much, and possibly steps over a line in my opinion. I personally am not obese, I'm still trying to lose about 20lbs. of gained baby weight, but I'm not obese. I also HATE diet anything, the tastes makes me want to gag- and the lingering after taste- forget about it. So, I would be highly upset if I was forced to pay extra for what I liked, just because someone thought it was bad for me- that's my choice!

And that's the news. Feel free to comment.

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