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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monkey, Welcome to Month 8

To my darling little Chunky Monkey,

Today you enter you eighth month with us, and I have to say the moment is bitter sweet for Mommy. The joy I feel to see you grow up cannot be denied, although, I can't help but to feel sad that you are growing so fast and soon these precious infant moments will be gone. Everyday you delight your father and I with your ability to make us laugh. Now, you are coming into your own and your personality is beginning to shine through and what a joyous boy you are. You are always happy and are a big ball of energy. Your inquisitive nature is overwhelming and you are definitely a product of your father, complete with his persistence and stubborn nature. It is no secret to those that know me that you were a surprise to us, and I was somewhat ambivalent at the prospect of being a mom. I didn't know if I had what it took to be a good mother and I honestly was scared that I didn't have the patience to learn. But you sweet boy have offered me the greatest gift and showed me that you are truly the most spectacular thing I have ever accomplished. Everyday I thank God that I was given the gift of being your mom and I look forward to being apart of the rest of your life. So, thank you chunky monkey for taking this journey with me.

Here are few things mommy has learned about you over these 8 months:

Nicknames: Man-Man, Chunky [Monkey] and Sumo.

Milestones: Two teeth, Cruising- you love to cruise back and forth of the couch, can hold your own bottle, a crawling machine, and loves to talk-mommy just wishes she knew what you were saying.

Likes: remote controls, prunes, squash, blowing bubbles with your mouth, being free to explore, playing rough with Daddy, and bath time/water, music, and standing (you'd rather stand than sit).

Dislikes: Being confined, getting your diaper changed, putting clothes on (you love to be the naked baby), rice cereal, taking naps/ going to sleep period- you act like you are going to miss something, sleeping alone- something we really have to work on...Mommy and Daddy like to be alone sometimes.

So here's to you Monkey- a truly wonderful little man.

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