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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not enough hours in the day

Wow, I could literally read and evaluate other people's blogs all day. There is so much information out there and so many interesting people in the world with interesting takes on what's going on in the world. Even the mundane everyday blogs about a dad cleanng up his daughters puck in the middle of the night has me captivated. If only I didn't have an actual job to do, or a child to take care of, or dinner to make- I could read this stuff all day. It's so addicting.

Maybe it's because I was so anti- social networking sites and blogging that now that I have finally been converted to a participator, I am just purely addicted-like a kid with a new toy on Christmas. And just like that kid, I could possibly be burned out on the whole thing in about a month, and really never mess with again. If that is the case, I am having fun now and enjoying my new cyber toy. On the off chance that the bug has bitten me for life, then I look forward to indulging my verbal voyeurism for many years to come.

Happy Blogging.

1 comment:

Sunflowers said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking to my blog :)

You're so right - reading blogs is addictive! And a great procrastination tool (especially now, in the middle of finals) haha ;)

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