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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't you think

With an obesity epidemic raging through this country that grocery stores would be inclined to charge less for fresh produce. I went to the grocery store last night and I spent 4.99 for a pack of romaine lettuce- almost $5.00 for three stalks of lettuce hearts. I was crushed. The tomatoes were no better, $1.69 per pound for tomatoes. Something my parents grew in the backyard in the summer time. And don't get me going on the price of a bell peppers- and I tend to like red, orange and yellow peppers which really required a loan application at checkout. I can't believe it. Fresh produce can bring you to the poor house, but you can get a hungry man dinner, complete with mashed potatoes, a whole chicken, corn and bread for about $3.00. NO wonder people can't eat healthy, they can't afford it.

Now if I chose to sacrifice the quality of my lettuce and other vegetables, I could go to Wal-mart and get them cheaper, but my Wal-mart has AWFUL produce and there are always flies and such buzzing around that it makes the whole produce section look the back alley of a restaurant. So, I refuse to buy wilted lettuce leaves which will inevitably ruin my entire salad experience, so I am forced to be robbed without a gun at the local "designer" grocery store. It's just a real; shame.

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