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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 5 News Mix...My take on stories in the news

  • Don't Blame Obama for Blago's Mistakes.
"For Obama and his team, the Blagojevich scandal is a stink bomb tossed at close range.

Legal bills, off-message headlines, and a sustained attempt by Republicans to show that Obama is more a product of Illinois’s malfeasance-prone political culture than he is letting on — all are likely if the Blagojevich case goes to trial or becomes an extended affair."

The above quote from an article published by Politico demonstrates the potential to make this Illinois Governor scandal a reflection on President Elect Obama. Despite the fact that the prosecutor seemed to give Obama a gold star for his conduct, and the Governor has been caught on tape making statements that Obama was not interested in crooked schemes, and complaining that the President Elect wasn't giving him anything. Obama is, to the allegedly deeply corrupt governor, the “mother***er” who was owed no favors and a lily-livered reformer."

This type of story is perfect fodder for Obama critics to jump on and lead a crucifixion mission (much like the blow job trials and White-water scandal of the Clinton era). I tend to take Obama at his word when he says that the two Illinois politicians were not close. Yes, I am an Obama supporter and probably expected to do so, but placing support aside, I am a strong believer that there are two forms of relationships when talking about politicians.
1) The professional kind that puts you in proximity to various characters you may otherwise distance yourself from.

2) The personal kind with people you are close to and would spend time with on a Saturday night.

Just because the Governor and President Elect appear to have been linked professionally in some instances does not mean they are like minded and share personal character traits and ambitions. Republicans; however, smell blood in the water and are determined to beef up the pressure, demanding the release of records and more transparency. There are also swirrlings about the conversation contradictions, where Obama states that he never spoke to Blago regarding the vacant seat and the subsequent explanation offered by Axelrod about his suggestion that the President Elect and Blago had spoken on the issue.

For now, Obama is not all the tarnished by this mess, but I appeal to others no to trash our new President for the mistakes of this nit wit Governor. Politics puts you in contact with all kinds and apparently that is especially true for Chicago politics. But that's not to say that Obama is of the same ilk as the corrupt Governor and impossible of being above the fray.

  • President Elect on Energy
Obama released a statement yesterday about our energy and climate crisis after a meeting with Vice-President Al Gore.

"The time for denial is over" says President-elect Obama.

This is good news to hear because our exiting President walked through his eight years with blinders on with regards to the climate crisis (among others). It's reassuring to know that this new administration has deemed energy and climate to be an urgent matter of national security. But this statement does not just harp on the problems we face but highlights the possible opportunities available.

And now to our President..." We have the opportunity now to create jobs all across the country in all 50 states to re power America, to redesign how we use energy and think about how we are increasing efficiency to make our economy stronger, make us more safe, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and make us competitive for decades to come- even as we save the planet."
- Way to go President Elect.

  • Auto Bailout Agreement Reached
An Agreement has been reached for the bailout of the auto makers, but of course the exact language must still be worked out to ensure that both the Congressional Democrats and White House are satisfied. The major condition of the bailout stems on the idea that the Automakers must prove their viability after receiving the funds. If after a point they cannot do so, the loan will be recalled ***but if they squander the money and eventually go under, where will the money come from to repay the loan?***

To ensure the automakers don't fail, an auto czar would be created. This person would have the ability to force the companies into Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization if they cannot create a plan for long term sustainability by March 31st, by which time the automakers must present "a positive net value and ability to payback the government loan". S/He would be the point[man] for negotiating with auto companies, dealers, unions, creditors, and suppliers for long-term sustainability.

One issue preventing the agreement from moving forward is Republican opposition. Keeping in step with divisive politics many Republicans are not in agreement and may not support the deal- opting to let the automakers fail, which I have stated in previous posts, could have devastating consequences for our economy.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for a successful passing of this initiative. Our current economic downturn will be nothing compared to what it will be if we let the automakers fail. If the automakers do fail, I hope there is a plan in effect to help the mid-west region stay afloat because it's definitely going to need it, but I highly doubt there is.

  • Conspiracy Theories from The Right
The very opinionated Bill-o and Karl "should be in jail" Rove have been in the dungeons cooking up a new conspiracy theory aimed at the media and our new President. This one is full of grandiose delusions and sets the stage for their "blame Obama" campaign to commence on January 21st.

Immersed in fairy dust and drunk off la-la land juice, Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly have decided that the main stream media, fresh off inflating the economic crisis to help elect Barack Obama, are at it again and are still conspiring to make people believe the economy is in dire straits, and are still doing so for Obama's benefit.

According to these yahoos, the "liberal media" is making it seem as though we have hit the floor, with nowhere to go but up and once Obama takes office, any gains or improvements will be to his credit. But as another blogger suggests, maybe the media is reporting that the economic crisis is severe because it's actually a severe economic crisis.

Based on Rove's logic, ( and I use that term lightly) the same level of urgency and language that was used to describe the dot com bubble burst should be used to describe today's situation. Although, here on Earth, we realize that the two situations are in no way similar. With the dot com situation quite a few people lost a lot of money. But in no way can you compare that to countries going bankrupt, a global credit freeze, record unemployment rates, huge banks collapsing, record foreclosure numbers, and the potential end of the American Auto market all occurring at the same time. I don't know about anyone else but that's a real crisis in my opinion.

These two men are so out of touch that it's scary and appalling. They must live in their own little bubble, with their own news because there is no way we could be viewing the same world. Republican or Democrat there is really no dispute that we are in a crisis and for those two misfits to go on TV and spew anything but that- while simultaneously trying to tie the conspiracy back to an attempt to advance the political career of President Elect Obama is just irresponsible and down right tasteless.

People are losing everything they have, times are tight and just because they are living high on the hog, it's no excuse to make the rest of us feel like we are crazy for admitting the economy is struggling...and we don't even know if we've hit the bottom yet.

And lets not leave the always insightful (insert sarcasm here) Rush out of this, who told Barbara Walters there may be a recession, but he just chooses not to participate. I wouldn't either if I just got a $100 million signing bonus for a new contract, jeesh these guys make me ill.

  • "Lars and the Real Girl"- Not just a movie
(this story is laugh out loud funny and a bit Creepy too!)

A man too busy to find love decided he would build the perfect mate instead. This Canadian genius, named Le, created Aiko - a fem-bot, who does light cleaning, household chores, remembers his favorite drink, and balances his personal budgets. Le claims the bot is not used for sexual favors *yeah right* but could be programmed to orgasm, play hard to get or get it on quick fast and in a hurry. She also responds to personal touch and reacts emotionally to feel sad, or hurt. The former programmer has liquidated all assets and leveraged large amounts of credit card debt to perfect his creation. He wants her to appear as "life like" as possible, in addition to being the perfect companion. *creepy and a bit gross*

Le takes Aiko out in public, on drives through the country *coo-Koo* and they eat dinner together at the dinner table *Although Aiko just pushes the food around the plate*

Aiko speaks English and Japanese and understands 13,000 sentences.

Understandably, Aiko draws mixed reactions. Some love her and are intrigued, while others find it creepy *that's me* and some think Le is playing GOD with his creation and are angered.

Le has said this about his "friend", "She doesn't need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24 hours a day" *I guess she has to be recharged sometime* "She is the perfect woman" *Yeah- if perfect is a woman who only works for you, can't really speak, and can be programmed to come on command- wait, I guess that would be a man's idea of perfection*

This guy needs to really get out more. He recently had a heart attack by "working to hard" on perfecting his creation. Personally, I think he was probably "riding" his buddy too hard while he enjoyed her "real life personal touch", which created an arterial overload. He even programmed her to slap you if you touch her in the wrong way. IF THAT'S NOT KINKY, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

That's the news according to me, have a nice day.
*this is a new feature I am experimenting with on Wednesdays- a recap of my favorite news stories- let me know what you think*

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