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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Concerns for my aspirations

For anyone who cares to know, I am intently interested in social service fields, like policy reform or juvenile justice, or community action and civil rights. Those areas are the reasons why I decided to become an attorney and what I feel I would be most good at. The only problem I have is that those fields typically pay the least. Everyone knows that working for the government is not going to leave you rich- Hell, in this current economy, working for the government might just barely leave you at middle class status. Couple that fact with the massive amounts of student debt I will be faced with and I will be lucky if I will be taking home much more than I am now- which ain't much at all. Plus who knows what this economies financial and economic status will be four years from now when I finally am looking for a job as a practicing attorney? Will there be any jobs available? Let's hope so!

What pains me the most and has me the most conflicted is that I have entertained the idea of working for a corporate firm and putting in the time to get the money for a short time, so that I could at least see my way out of the financial hole I will be in and then moving on to what I'd really like to do. I just fear that once I walked that road for money it will be really hard to walk away from and my call for service will eventually become a distant memory.

Just something that was floating around in my head...

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Amanda said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I wish you the best of luck as you embark on the journey towards law school! I've had some of these same thoughts re: working in the private sector to pay back some of my loans and "get on my feet" then going on to do what I "really" want to do. It's a tough balancing game.

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