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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SALAD, glorious SALAD

That last post I made me want to comment on something else. I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I am in LOVE with salad. I mean I like salad more than any other food. I eat a salad a day, if not more. If I ate chips or cake as much as I ate salad I would definitely be a prime candidate for gastric bypass surgery. It's often my snack, my lunch and my dinner. Now, I do like to indulge my salads with all types of fixings, which don't always make them very healthy, but oh, are they good. I have had a salad from most restaurants around- and I can honestly call myself a salad directory- I can tell you what salads are offered where and who makes what the best, but I love to make them at home-Like my Greek salads:

I start with a large mound of romaine lettuce, cut very finely...I hate large chucks of lettuce that won't fit into your mouth. Then I add fresh feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, red onions slices, and rings of yellow, and red bell peppers. I don't like olives, so those are omitted, but I do like a little crunch, so I add chow mien noodles ( you know the crunchy kind) instead of croutons. Then I place some nicely marinated grilled chicken or salmon on top, and finish it off with Ken's Steak House (and only that brand) Greek vinagarette and I have the perfect meal. Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it, but alas I just had a small one for lunch today, so I can wait until I get home to have another.

I also like to switch it up and go for a Cobb Salad effect, with bacon bits, fancy shredded cheddar cheese, garlic toasted croutons, again with the onions and bell peppers, but topped off with Ken Steak House Buttermilk ranch dressing.

And the list continues, I use crab meat, shrimp, mandarin oranges, nuts, even crumpled Ritz crackers as toppings. I love almost all of Ken's dressing choices and even if I don't have any left I will use vinegar and oil- yummy.

The obsession and need for salad continues even if the only thing I have is lettuce. I've come across times when there were no other fixings to go on top and I had to result to just lettuce and dressing- and the funny thing is, it wasn't bad at all. Oh, SALAD, I do LOVE you SO.

1 comment:

LawSchoolMom said...

I LOVE salad too. Today, I had a Seared Sea Scallop salad w/citrus vinaigrette from Macaroni Grill. Yum!

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