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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hoilday Travels

Well, tomorrow I'm off to my parents in Vegas for a week with the monkey. My husband won't be going with us because he wants to stay with his mother, nephews and niece for their first Christmas in Florida. However, that means that he will miss his son's first Christmas. I'm not upset really, Monkey doesn't really understand it anyway. Besides I have NEVER spent a holiday away from my parents- and they don't get to see my son very often so we did the math and it was more economical for me to travel there on frequent flier miles versus my parents buying two tickets to come here, which is always expensive due to our small airport.

I don't know if I told you this but my mother and I have a very contentious relationship. She is very opinionated and likes to be extremely involved in my life. I am an only child, so all of her interests, care and worries are rolled into me- and it can make for a very stressful situation. Especially since I am VERY independent almost to a fault and HATE to ask for help with anything. I like to do it on my own if at all possible. My mother on the other hand tends to treat me like I'm still in high school- in need of a curfew and an allowance (she asks all the time how much money we are spending and what we spend it on, etc.), which has the tendency to drive me NUTS. My father is the complete opposite and just lets me handle my own things without any grief or interference. He just likes to know I'm alive and well and really doesn't care about the particulars, he definitely doesn't want to argue about them.

My parents haven't seen my son since August, so they should be happy to see how much he's grown. I am a little disappointed that my husband won't be there, but it's just a week and he's not really big on holidays anyways. He's not a scrooge, but he doesn't treat it like it's a massive extravaganza either.

So, I'm going to visit and hopefully a yelling match will not breakout. She says that she has a surprise for me/something to tell me for when I get there. It's probably going to be a membership to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig because she is a total weight Nazi- and thinks I have been over weight for too long since the baby. I do have an extra 20lbs. to lose, but her pestering me about it everyday is not working. "How's your weight coming?" are words I've grown to despise.

I probably won't be blogging much during my visit- and will start fresh upon my return.
Happy Holidays- and a Joyous New Year.

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