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Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm so Excited...

to see what this new administration is going to bring to our society. I hope that we can finally close the book on this G.W Bush era and officially turn the page and get back on the right track. I am astonished when I hear our current president (for only 40 + more days) talk about how in the future when he is looked upon through the eyes of historians, he will be seen as a successful President, are you kidding me? Even if you can count the current reduction in violence in Iraq, due to the surge, a success- which I don't (because we are still there, we have won nothing, we have accomplished nothing, and we left the country worse off then when we found it. The only reason there is even a reduction in violence is because we paid the extreme factions off, we bribed them to stop killing each other) you cannot discount the hundreds of other blunders that occurred over the past 8 years on his watch
To name a few:
- Continuing to read a book, when he was just told "The Country is Under ATTACK"
- Katrina (good job Brownie!)
- The complete abuse and disregard for the Constitution
- The allowance of Torture
- The complete abuse of the Patriot Act, and the obliteration of personal privacy
- The attorney general scandal
- Trying to slip in another unqualified person to the Supreme Court (Harriet Meyers)
- The first 41/2 years of the Iraq war
- Invading Iraq in the first place
- Ignoring Afghanistan completely
- His refusal to use diplomacy ( can't leave Chaney and Rumsfeld out of that one)
- and his constant arrogant addresses to the public (complete with butchering the English language) where we were left feeling even more uneasy while he walked off like he just hit a home run.
How can any of that be looked upon as successful?

I know Obama is not perfect but you can't sink any further than the floor, and that's where we are right now, in relation to leadership.
Here's to 2009- and a replenished and restored America.

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