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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I really don't believe in resolutions because anything that you should do in the upcoming new year, most likely should have been started several months ago.

But there are always goals/resolutions that I would like to accomplish, regardless of the time of year, so here goes...

1. Secure my letters of recommendations for law school applications
2. Continue to search for a job in Atlanta, so we can move
3. Successfully complete my semester in grad school
4. Pay off debts with tax return
5. Continue to lose weight (15 lbs.)
6. Work out more diligently - what a shocker there
7. Be more stern when it comes to the Monkey and his sleeping habits, get him to sleep in his own room ( I definitely don't want to be making this resolution every year until he's 12)
8. Communicate more effectively with my husband and mother
9. Get the monkey involved in a play group- mommy and me class
10. Be a lot more grateful for what I do have, and a lot less resentful for what I don't

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